What are your operating hours?

  • Melbourne Airport operates 24hrs and is curfew free.
  • Our FBO located at W2 apron – YMML, is staffed during local business hours 0800-1800 and where movements have been scheduled 24hrs.
  • YMML Time Zone – AEST UTC +10:00 / AEDT UTC +11:00

What are your contact details?

Are there Covid-19 restrictions in place?

  • Melbourne Jet Base has a COVIDSafe plan, and we update this to align with current government directions. Please contact our Ops team to find out the latest Victorian guidelines for travel to Melbourne.

Are Visas required to enter Australia?

Yes, visas are required for both crew and passengers, the only passport holders that are exempt are Australian and New Zealand. For matters relating to immigration, VISAs, importing goods, quarantine procedures, etc., please see the websites listed below:



Is OTC available?

  • Off Terminal Clearance requests for CIQ will be submitted to Border Force (Customs) by Melbourne Jet Base with prior notice for 24hr operations, where passenger numbers do not exceed 15.
  • Australian Border Force shift change occurs daily between 0430 and 0530 LCL, as well as 1430 and 1530 LCL. Off Terminal Clearances will be unavailable for ETAs/ETDs during these times.

Is Melbourne Airport classed as an airport of entry?

Yes, Melbourne Airport is classed as an airport of entry.

Can passengers claim tax refunds at the FBO?

Yes, however passengers must arrive early to ensure sufficient time for claims to be made before departure. Passengers must have all receipts and items with them, not in checked luggage.

Can crew claim tax refunds at the FBO?

No, crew are not eligible for the Tourist Refund Scheme

Is fuel available on site?

At Melbourne Jet Base we have a dedicated Shell tanker with 28,000ltr capacity.