Aircraft support

Apron and Hangar

Our hangars are the centrepiece of the Melbourne Jet Base facility, offering wide and narrow-bodied aircraft bays. All hangars come equipped with the necessary amenities to enable your team to conduct aircraft maintenance.

Additionally, Melbourne Jet Base has a 57,500m2 apron which is available for aircraft parking. All aircraft using the facility are covered by a $200 million airport owners and operators liability insurance policy.

Ground handling

Our experienced ground staff have the expertise and skill to ensure all ground operations are conducted in a manner of utmost efficiency and privacy. The smoothest possible ground experience is always assured for every journey.


Melbourne Jet Base will organise full catering for your journey home or abroad. A variety of delicious options are on offer that will keep you well-nourished no matter how long your journey is.


As a world leader in the supply of aviation fuels and lubricants, Melbourne Jet Base has partnered with Viva Energy to provide customers with Jet A-1 aircraft fuel. Viva Energy has two dedicated hydrant trucks located at Melbourne Jet Base specifically to cater for the world’s largest Aircraft.

Viva Energy also has affiliations with some of the world’s largest fuel suppliers, including but not limited to: World Fuel Services, Associated Energy Group (AEG), AvFuel Limited and Universal Aviation. Our premium suppliers make Melbourne Jet Base the ideal spot to refuel your aircraft.


Melbourne Jet Base offers premium cleaning services to ensure aircraft are maintained in a pristine condition for any journey. Customised levels of cleaning are available to suit your specific requirements and turnaround times.

Full exterior washes are available along with leading-edge polishes creating a pristine look for any aircraft. Interior treatment includes galley cleaning, lavatory cleaning and emptying, complete cabin cleaning and more.

Other cleaning services available include zone washes, technical washes, aircraft engine and cowling washes, cockpit window washing and exterior paint protection.

Maintenance facility

Customers of Melbourne Jet Base will have full access to our maintenance facility for all potential repair works or general concerns that they have about their aircraft.

At Melbourne Jet Base, have peace of mind of that your aircraft is in the best hands.