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Kanana Restoration Update January 2017

By 27 February 2017April 8th, 2022Kanana

Following a short break at the end of the year, the Kanana restoration team is back at the helm – ensuring the finishing touches are completed on the aircraft before her relaunch into the sky.

Some the greatest achievements since the previous update include:

1. Interior flooring installed

The interior floor has been installed, with the carpet to be laid down and the seats fitted shortly.

To stay true to Kanana’s unique look, the interior is completely original – and only cleaning has been conducted to restore this aspect of the aircraft. The seat covers have been washed and dry-cleaned, and the carpet has been vacuumed.

2. Final testing processes have commenced

Final testing processes have already been instigated. All the functionalities of the flight controls have been tested.

The actuators have been checked for leaks, and to make sure they correspond to the handle position inside the cockpit.

The functionality of the landing gear, as well as the rigging of the flight control surfaces, has also been checked.

Shortly, the brakes and the wheels will be checked for operational purposes. Our team will also bleed them to get the air out of the system. Fluid and air will be extracted, and oil will flow out of it – that’s why it’s called bleeding.

Now, the engines are almost ready to go back on. Once the proof testing on the engine sling has been conducted, the team will bolt the engine onto the engine mount and use the sling to lift it onto the aircraft for reinstallation.

Once the engines are installed, all the engine functionality tests can occur – including the rigging of the throttle controls, the mixture, and oil shutoff. And those tests will be among the last stages.

3. Panelling up

The team is now panelling up. Now that the rudder, ailerons and elevators have been rigged, the team are conducting checks on the flight control cables. Following these checks, the access panels will be reinstalled.

The restoration team is looking forward to completing these final touches, so that they can test Kanana’s power in the air.