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By 28 June 2018April 7th, 2022Kanana

The restoration of Kanana went according to plan and in April 2017, approximately two years into the restoration effort, it became time to start the fully rebuilt engines for the first time.

Under the careful watch of all staff and volunteers from MAP and AHAS, Kanana began to show signs of life.

With propellers slowly turning, clouds of smoke gathering and a loud hum, Kanana began moving slowly forward.

It wasn’t long before it took off for its first test flight and graced the skies once again.

Kanana is one of the few remaining Douglas DC-3 aircraft in Australia and congratulations must go to Fraser Wright, General Manager of Melbourne Jet Base, together with the team at the Ansett Historical Aircraft Society, who have immaculately restored Kanana (call sign VH-ABR) to its original glory.